• Fran

Bye-Bye Work/Life Balance

My life is like a game of Wack-A-Mole. Its how I’ve designed it, I find comfort in being busy and I love a project. But agreeing to run a craft workshop and gift shop along with my full-time job and aforementioned dependants is a few balls more than I’m comfortable juggling. And lets not even talk about the amount of money that I (don’t) have. Well we can

if you like. Let’s raise the uncomfortable subject of cash in a manner that we Brits aren’t used to. We don’t have any, what we do have is a front drive and a back garden desperate to be renovated, 2 cars that require scrapping or fixing and credit cards that we pacify on a monthly basis with a minimum payment.

So the first question is – “Can I afford to give up work and run this business full time?” Answer. NOPE.

Lets modify, “Can I afford to increase my daily hours but reduce my total days” Answer, potentially.

Luckily, I work for an AMAZING practice (Hi AHP Architects!) who agreed for me to condense my hours to 3 days. So that leaves 4 days a week left for the shop and workshop, and I feel like for now, that is manageable.

That adds up to 7 btw. 7 days a week. 100% working week.

But its ok, I tell myself, I am going to make this work and while I have no money or experience in running a business, I have passion and 7 days a week to play with.




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